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Our family of clients consists of pharmacists, physicians, business owners, educators, corporate executives, sales professionals and retirees to name a few. Even though each client has their own unique set of personal and financial circumstances, they share common qualities that make them ideal to work with.

Our ideal clients:

  • Realize financial planning is about quality of life and not how the hot fund of the month is performing.

  • Hire us to be their coach to help them stay on track to create the desired results in the target time frame.

  • Commit to developing a written financial strategy. This means they have a written, step-by-step action plan for all aspects of their financial life.

  • Implement the appropriate steps so they can begin to realize their goals and objectives.

  • Stay focused on their long-term strategy and don’t get side-tracked trying to predict or beat the stock market.

  • Stick to the plan.

  • Take control of everything that can be controlled and free themselves from all worry about what can’t be controlled. They take responsibility for their choices and their actions. They don’t blame the government for charging us too much tax, they don’t blame the chairman of the Federal Reserve for the Fed’s choices on interest rates, they don’t blame a guru for not predicting the stock market accurately and they don’t blame the people of Middle East for not working out their differences. They take responsibility for their lives and their finances.

  • Trust us to assist their friends, family members and colleagues who fit our ideal client profile by introducing us to them.